Title I
What is Title I?

    Largest federal aid program in our nation’s school
    Requires a high-quality education for every child
    Provides extra help for those students who need it most
    Makes certain Title I schools use strategies proven by research
    Involves parents in their children’s education with ideas for assistance and choices

How do schools qualify for Title I?

    Must have above system average of students ‘living in poverty”
    In GCSD, free and reduced price lunch is used as the “poverty indicator”

How does my child qualify for Title I services?

    Academic need, not economic status determines which students receive extra instruction
    Because Agricola is a school wide Title campus, all students receive services, but specific criteria is used to determine students with the greatest need

What kind of services does Title I provide at Agricola?

    Extra academic materials
    School Counselor
    Computer assisted learning
    Parent involvement activities
    Extra bilingual support
    Professional development to staff
    Extra paraprofessionals to provide individual and small group instruction for reading and math.

As a parent you have the right to:

    Provide suggestions and ideas for the development of the school wide Title I plan in a “timely and meaningful manner”
    Receive information in an understandable format and in a language you understand
    Conferences with your child’s teachers
    Have your child’s test results explained to you in an understandable manner
    Provide input and receive the Title I parent involvement policy annually
    Attend an annual Title I parent meeting
    Receive written notice if your child’s school becomes in need of improvement
    Receive training in how to help your child succeed academically
    Receive information on the qualifications of the staff teaching your child
    Receive a description of your school’s Title services
    Provide annual feedback on the success of the Title I parent involvement program

Highly Qualified Staff

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires that schools employ staff, including teachers and teachers assistants, who are “highly qualified” as defined by the law. In Mississippi, our state department of education has defined “highly qualified” as having the appropriate license to teach whatever subject a teacher is currently teaching.

Educators cannot improve schools alone. For more information on No Child Left Behind in MS, Federal Programs and Title I check the web at http://www.mde.k12.ms.us/ and the George County website at http://www.gcsd.us/ .